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VA’s GI Bill Comparison Tool Helps Veterans Research Education Programs

Technological upgrades to VA’s resources — like the GI Bill Comparison Tool on vets.gov — have made it easier for Veterans like John to answer their biggest questions about their education benefits. The Comparison Tool is just one of several digital resources VA offers to help Veterans and their families get information about education programs and make the best decision to meet their goals.


Designing with Users – Department of Education Digital Service

At the end of 2016, Carola Ponce, along with other members of Education Digital Service team, conducted a discovery sprint for the Federal Student Aid program (FSAID), which allows student and parents to identify themselves electronically in order to access the Federal Student Aid websites. In order to understand how the services are truly being used, interacted with, and where pain points are met, technologists at the USDS make designing with users not only a priority, but a requirement.


Meet the Champions

While our mission is clear — to deliver better government services to the American people through technology and design — our work would not be possible without the civil servants we partner with. In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the champions who support our USDS teams across the federal government.


Better Digital Services in Government

This week brought the signing of an Executive Order with a focus on technology. The message is clear: technology matters, and modern design and technology practices are critical to unlocking better government services.


Mythbuster’s Guide to Accessibility

U.S. Digital Service team has the opportunity to improve the most critical public-facing services across agencies. The services and products we create need to be accessible to everyone. In this post, we will debunk the myths that have encouraged others to neglect accessibility, so you can easily create universally accessible content.


Meet the Procuremenati – USDS’ Acquisition Experts

USDS has a small team of acquisition experts applying methods from the private sector for acquiring and managing digital tools and services. Every day we encourage agencies to use contracting strategies that get the most value for taxpayers’ money.


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