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Every day, millions of people interact with the government. We apply for Social Security and small business loans. We look for health insurance and financial aid.

But too often, outdated tools and systems make these interactions cumbersome and frustrating.

What if interacting with government services were as easy as ordering a book online? The challenges behind HealthCare.gov brought this question to the forefront, changing our government’s approach to technology.

The White House with thought bubbles of code, wireframes, design and data icons

The U.S. Digital Service is a startup at the White House, founded by the President in August of 2014 to bring together the best technology, design, and government talent. We planned to hire ten people for three critical national priorities: modernizing immigration, Veterans’ benefits, and HealthCare.gov.

During the 2015 State of the Union address, we launched an online application to join the team. We worried if ten people would even apply. 1000 did.

state of the union and applications

We quickly went to work with a simple strategy:

magnifying glass

Recruit top designers, engineers, product managers, and digital policy experts.

two people working together

Pair these digital experts with our nation’s leading civil servants.

circuit board

Together, deploy these teams to untangle the most important government services.

Banner that says Today

What was once one startup is now a network of teams working across the Departments of Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Defense, Education, Health and Human Services, and the Small Business Administration.

government agency logos usds logo

We’re proud of the products we’ve built. But we’re equally proud of the team we’ve assembled.

united statesRelocated from twelve states and Puerto Rico
200 text large

200+ people across agencies

laptop with stickers and emojis

Emoji, post-it, and sticker enthusiasts

the USDS logo written in marker a picture of the USDS team at a staff meeting the USDS emoji logo written on a whiteboard the USDS talent team taking a selfie at the white house a cardboard sign that says meeting in progress a USDS engineer working infront of a fireplace
the defense digital service posing for a team photo the USDS team at dhs posing for a team photo a usa embroidered jacket hanging on a coat rack the USDS team working in the HQ office a hand holding a USDS sticker members of the USDS team laughing in a meeting

Change lives every day

We need top technologists to serve tours of duty, working on the nation's biggest challenges.

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