2022 Diversity & Inclusion Report

Reflecting the American People

Too often, outdated tools, systems, and practices make interacting with the government cumbersome and frustrating. The U.S. Digital Service (USDS) was founded in August 2014, bringing together the best engineering and design talent and changing our government’s approach to technology.

Since then, hundreds of mission-driven professionals have completed tours of service, furthering the USDS mission to deliver better government services to the American people through technology and design. We’ve grown from less than a dozen staffers to more than 200 today.

One of our goals is to build a workforce that reflects the people we serve. We believe that fostering diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility (DEIA) is vital to our ability to imagine and build digital solutions that solve everyday challenges people face.

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Representation: How Do USDSers Identify?

USDS staffers — we call ourselves USDSers — completed a voluntary diversity and inclusion survey to inform this report and our broader Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility strategy.

For each of the demographic markers below, we’re including two data sets:

TOTAL includes all full-time USDS staff, including Leadership.1

LEADERSHIP includes Community of Practice directors, Senior Advisors for Delivery, as well as our Chief Delivery Officer, Deputy Administrator, and Administrator.

Race and Ethnicity

table showing race data for staff and leadership


table showing age data for staff and leadership


table showing gender data for staff and leadership


table showing lgbtq+ data for staff and leadership

Cognitive and/or Physical Disability

table showing disability data for staff and leadership

How we serve

The greatest good for the greatest number of people, in the greatest need

USDSers work across multiple federal agencies, collaborating with career public servants to reimagine government systems and services Americans rely on daily. Our unofficial motto is to choose projects that serve “the greatest good, for the greatest number of people, in the greatest need.”

Since the project that led to our founding with the Department of Health and Human Services — Healthcare.gov — we’ve partnered with dozens of agencies, including:

government agency seals for CDC, SSA, State, Treasury and VA

Who we serve

Millions of Americans depend on the digital services that USDSers design, build, or support. Through our agency partners, we've:

aerial view of tax forms, calculator and checkbook

Educated parents about tax credits (Treasury / IRS)

hand dipping swab in an at home covid test

Connected people to life-saving COVID-19 tests and vaccines (HHS / CDC)

mom prepares food in her kitchen with 2 toddlers at a table

Helped families feed their children (WIC)

anonymous person stands alone in a field holding a large backpack

Assisted with Afghan refugee resettlement (State)

back view of an African American wearing military uniform with hand in salute

Improved access to benefits claims and information for Veterans (VA)

Thanks for your interest in diversity and inclusion at USDS!

We’re always hiring mission-driven engineering, data science, design, product, procurement, talent, and operations professionals. Our projects impact people who come from diverse backgrounds, speak multiple languages, hold varying levels of formal education, and have differing access to and comfort with technology.

USDS is committed to building a workforce that reflects the people we serve. We know that we better serve the public when our staff represents the country’s diversity.

Learn more about our application and hiring process at usds.gov/apply

1. There were 212 full-time USDS staff as of October 2022, including anyone who joined or left during the period of the survey. All information is self-identified as of October 2022. Individuals provided responses outside of these categories, which could not be reported due to small group sizes.

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